This is more TV Squad's territory than ours, so I'll just throw it out there quick and then move on to the movie news: It looks like Mick Garris'Masters of Horror series WILL be returning for a third season, only they'll be doing so with a new studio (Lionsgate as opposed to Anchor Bay) and a new network (as-yet-undisclosed, but it definitely won't be Showtime anymore). So there's some cool news for the horror fans!

Beyond that, Mr. Garris would like to kick-start an MOH horror movie franchise, kinda like Tales from the Crypt (almost) did with Demon Knight and Bordello of Blood. (Fun flicks, but I don't consider two movies a "franchise" -- and the less said about Ritual, the better.) And according to Fangoria, Garris also has three more Stephen King adaptations in his pipeline. (Previous King / Garris collaborations include Riding the Bullet, Sleepwalkers and network mini-series The Shining, The Stand and Desperation.)

Garris told Fango that he'll be producing and directing an adaptation of Stephen King's Bag of Bones, with screenwriter Matt Venne currently attached. He'd also like to have Tobe Hooper direct a movie version of King's From a Buick 8 (which, once upon a time, was going to be a George Romero project) -- and (this news made me particularly happy) the filmmaker would also like to bring Gerald's Game to the big screen. Garris calls it his favorite King novel -- and I'd definitely agree that it's one of the King's most underrated chillers.

Lastly, Mr. Garris will write, produce and direct an original horror flick called Dead. How long it will take for all these projects to his the streets is anybody's guess -- but I really do hope Garris does something cool with Gerald's Game.
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