Leave it up to the folks over at Entertainment Weekly to open up a big ol' can of worms. Basically, they asked readers to name some of the worst supporting performances of all time -- and kicked things off with a still of John Turturro (as Agent Simmons) from this summer's blockbuster hit Transformers. Funnily enough, Turturro was one thing (out of several) that I despised about Transformers. The flick was fun and entertaining, no doubt, but some stuff was just too ... annoying. And Turturro (who's usually fantastic in every role he takes on) was one of them. Checking out EW's featured gallery, I have to agree with a good majority of the performances mentioned. Let me run a few past you:

Katie Holmes as Rachel Dawes in Batman Begins is on there, as well as Ben Stiller's horrifically annoying supporting performance in Dodgeball. Adrien Grenier gets the "stale, boring and wooden" nod for The Devil Wears Prada, and Julia Stiles joins him in that category for her supporting role in the Bourne films. But the one mention that's sure to upset a few people has to go to Sofia Coppola from The Godfather: Part III. Kidding (although she is on there) -- I'm actually talking about little Emma Watson as Hermoine in the Harry Potter flicks. The person who submitted Emma says that the actress' "heavy sighs" and "eye rolling" are annoying to no end. I'm sure I can find about a trillion readers who disagree with that statement. There aren't many older films on there; I believe the oldest goes to Mickey Rooney's performance as a Japanese neighbor in Breakfast at Tiffany's. So check out the list and let us know: Are these the worst supporting performances of all time? And which roles were left off the list?

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