I always chuckle when I pop in the Heathers commentary and hear that Heather Graham almost had a role in the film as Heather McNamara (the yellow-colored cheerleader). But she was only 17, and her parents thought the movie was too dark. I wonder what they think of the films she's acted in since? Only a few years later, she became Cooper's love interest on Twin Peaks, and then had a part in the movie -- Fire Walk with Me. At 37, she's definitely not a kid anymore, and The Hollywood Reporter is posting that she's added another dark role to her roster -- a new drug addiction indie flick called Broken.

Graham plays Hope, a wanna-be musician who takes the cliche road and heads to Hollywood to become a star. Instead, unsurprisingly, she works the night shift at a crappy diner. Continuing her path of good decisions, she finds herself a junkie man, played by Jeremy Sisto, and develops an addictive relationship with him as they share heroin. Jake Busey, Tess Harper and Linda Hamilton co-star as "seedy Los Angeles denizens" who cross her addict path. Broken is Aussie director Alan White's first US film, from a script by Jeff Lester and Drew Pillsbury. The film premiered at the AFI fest last year, and now Todd Wagner and Mark Cuban's Truly Indie has picked it up for distribution. Their plan is to release it on October 5 in New York City, with other locales like LA to follow. If you end up checking it out, watch out for Bianca Lawson, who plays Mia -- you might remember her from Saved by the Bell: The New Class, or as the strangely-accented second slayer, Kendra, on Buffy.


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