It's been over ten years since Janeane Garofalo co-starred with Uma Thurman in The Truth About Cats and Dogs. Back then, she was the "frumpy" gal who had to get Uma to be her body double when she started crushing on the cute photographer. All this time later, she's dealing with the dogs once again, and she definitely doesn't have a stand-in. Believe it or not, that picture to the right is the actress herself. It might be hard to recognize her these days (where did our ol' Garofalo go?!), but at least she's sticking with this dog thing. (She also co-starred in Dog Park years ago, and is now in a new pilot called Law Dogs -- although the latter doesn't actually have dogs in it, I don't think.)

She's hit Ottawa, Canada to star in a Lifetime movie tentatively called Binky. Once again, I ask: Where did our ol' Garofalo go?! Radar Online recently posted a quote with her talking about the role, saying that it is "about a dog, Binky, where my mother passes away and I inherit her Jack Russell Terrier, and I don't initially love the dog, but I go through my mid-life crisis while driving cross-country with [him], and it's one of those movies-journey taken, and then I love the dog." Jam expands a bit, saying that she's a rock critic sick of her job and her man.

Yeah, within the actress/comedian's many credits, you can find lots of questionable roles, but I'm sure I'm not the only one wondering what's going on with her. Maybe she is going through her own mid-life crisis -- she's already dramatically changed her look (again). Radar said it best after quoting her: "Radar was unable to determine if she was serious or debuting some of her best comedy in ages."
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