I don't really know a whole lot about the history of the G.I. Joe toy line, but apparently there was a British equivalent to the action figure known as "Action Man," and according to IESB.net, the producers of the (eventually) upcoming G.I. Joe movie are intent on including Action Man in the equation so as not to alienate international moviegoers who really have no freakin' idea who "G.I. Joe" is. (That make sense?)

Well it doesn't really have to. According to IESB, Paramount is looking at Jason Statham to play the part of the heroic Action Man -- and considering that Jason Statham kicks all kinds of butt and remains ultra-cool while doing it, I'm all for his inclusion in any ol' action flick. Word is that Stephen Sommers will be helming the project for Paramount, and that Mark Wahlberg is the (longtime) first choice to play a character known as Duke.

If you're a diehard G.I. Joe enthusiast, keep your browser positioned on this site, because they seem to have the inside track on this highly-fanticipated adaptation. Me, I just love action movies -- so the sooner this flick actually arrives, the better.
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