Have I told you yet how funny and enjoyable Superbad is? I may have already mentioned it -- I dunno -- a gazillion times, but if this is the first you're hearing about it, then might I add that Superbad will go down as one of the best teen sex comedies in years. Yes, years. Not weeks. Not days. Not hours. YEARS! Since films like this one are pretty rare, Cinematical is giving it an extra push this week. Apart from two -- count em' two -- roundtable interviews and a review, I'm also happy to share this very funny Moviefone Unscripted piece with you. I'm a pretty big fan of these Unscripted things -- not because Cinematical and Moviefone hang out at all the same dive bars, but because they happen to be pretty damn amusing. And the one featuring Jonah Hill and Michael Cera asking each other reader-submitted questions is no exception; this thing cracked me up. (These are kind of like VH1's Unplugged, except, well, no one has a guitar.)

But maybe I just have a soft spot for Hill and Cera. These guys play off each other so well, it would be a real shame if they didn't team up on another film in the future. Now, it takes them awhile to answer each question (because they both throw out a ton of pre-question shtick), but when they do, it's gold. My favorite one had to be when Michael asked Jonah what his favorite sandwich is, only Jonah forces Michael to tell this really embarrassing story about how his jaw is all screwed up. Yeah ... I guess you kind of have to watch it yourself. So head on over to Moviefone, and let us know what you think. Superbad (rated R for "Run to your older sibling and beg them to buy you a ticket in") arrives in theaters this Friday.

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