Youth in RevoltHoly bleeping crap! According to The Hollywood Reporter, Michael Cera (Superbad, Arrested Development) has signed on to star in the adaptation of Youth in Revolt, which just happens to be one of my favorite books of all time. Michael bleeping Cera! I've literally been losing my mind over this movie for the past year because the book is so massive -- and so much happens -- that I had no idea how in the world they would adapt it for the big screen. God Bless screenwriter Gustin Nash, because this one must have been a bitch to get right. There's currently no director lined up (IMDb has Nash listed, but that's not correct -- and I know of one guy who's taken a meeting about it, but I'm not allowed to say). But before I go on, let me just say (to those that have never read it): You have to go out and buy this book. Youth in Revolt, by C.D Payne. And then when you're finished, you can purchase the follow-up book, Revolting Youth. There's also a couple of others, but start with those two. I swear to you, this thing will have you in stitches by page 20, and when you're done you'll be itching to share the experience with someone else.

The book, which is separated into three books (although they all come together) follows a very unlucky teenager named Nick Twisp, who I assume will be played by Cera. Twisp also has a best friend named "Lefty" (I won't spoil why that's his nickname), and Cera would be good for either role -- HR doesn't specify the part, only that Cera will star. But basically, we follow Nick through what he writes in his own personal journals, and join him in his neverending quest to win the love of one "Sheeni" Saunders. And let's just say this kid will stop at nothing to get this girl to dig him. Now HR only goes over the plot description from the first book, so I'm not sure if The Weinstein Co. plan to make this a trilogy or smash all three (or four) books into one movie. The latter would literally be impossible without losing a slew of classic material, so we'll have to see where they go with it. Also, Cera is a tad old to play Twisp (who I believe was something like 14 or 15 in the book), so I imagine they'll either age him down a tad or just make Nick that much older (Cera is 19).

Personally, I think Cera is absolutely perfect for the role. Nick Twisp has a bit of cocky arrogance to him (something I haven't seen from Cera yet), but he's also incredibly clumsy and moronic -- and somewhat of an intellectual (well, at least he tries to be). He comes up with the most outrageous ideas and convinces himself, as well as those around him, that it's the way to go. Crap, I can talk about this book all day long -- but what about you? Have you read Youth in Revolt? Can you picture Michael Cera as Nick Twisp?

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