I'm just putting this out there: I think that Hancock could be awesome. But, it could also be a career misstep so monumental for Will Smith that it might even make Wild Wild West seem like a good idea. French film site Les-Films.net now has a whole gallery of behind the scenes photos from the set of the superhero action-drama. The images taken primarily focus on the film's two stars, Smith and Charlize Theron, in both candid shots, and while filming. In fact, most of the pictures seem to be Smith and Theron rolling around on top of one another in the street -- and considering the 'intense' look on Smith's face, it's looking pretty dramatic (And as a side note; even in candid shots from 100 feet away, Theron still looks beautiful ... how depressing). The project had already undergone a title change and a revolving door of directors before finally getting down to business last June.

The film follows a superhero (Smith) who has fallen on hard times, and is prone to drinking and womanizing. To make matters worse for our soused hero is an "affair" with the wife (Theron) of a PR agent (Jason Bateman) working on his comeback. Directed by Peter Berg, the script was written by John August (Berg also helped out in the writing department.). August also recently signed to write the big-screen version of the DC comic Shazam! and has his own directorial debut, The Nines, arriving in theaters later this month. Early reviews of the Hancock script weren't exactly positive, but there have probably been more than a few re-writes since Latino Review got their hands on it back in May. There have already been a few photos released on the net, but this batch is the first to give us a look at more than Smith trussed up in wires. If nothing else, they seem to confirm that the movie is on track for July, 2008 release.
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