Maybe there's something to this whole taboo that sex and nudity is much, much more dangerous than violence and bloody carnage. I mean, no matter how many secret tape scandals pop up, no one seems to learn their lesson. They get a case of the lust, and they catch it on tape. Inevitably, the recording gets into the wrong hands and then voyeurs get to see the people in all their dirty glory. Granted, this isn't Nigeria, so maybe the actress who just suffered the same ultra-exposure didn't realize how risky it would be.

A Nigerian film actress, who isn't named in the Reuters report, had taped some saucy action with her boyfriend on a cell phone. Somehow, the 8-minute clip was released and spread like wildfire between cell phones in Muslim-heavy, northern Nigeria. Leadership news reportedly said: "This was the first time such exposure involving Hausa-Fulani persons was witnessed in the country." The area is currently abuzz with immorality complaints, and the actress has gone into hiding -- but this is only the beginning.

Most of Nigera's video industry (Nollywood) had been in the south (predominantly Christian), but recently, Hausa-language video has gained popularity. Now, the Kano state Filmmakers' Association has responded by kicking out 17 actors they say have brought "ill repute" to the industry. None of them were part of the video clip, but are "thought to be involved in immoral acts such as drunkenness and fornication." Talk about a witch hunt. One girl gets sexy with her boyfriend, and before you know it, 17 others get canned.
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