It's time for the next step in movie marketing and product placement. In June, I alerted you to the new big deal between LonelyGirl15 and Neutrogena. Now, The Hollywood Reporter is posting that the Danny DeVito comedy No Place Like Home, the indie film I told you about in June, is joining the bandwagon -- but not with skincare products., a video-sharing site, will produce two scenes in the movie and create an online marketing campaign, including trailers, to build up buzz and find the film a distributor. The marketing does have a neat spin to it -- they will create 12 weekly videos that have footage from the film as well as interviews and behind-the-scenes clips.

The campaign begins next month when the clips will be shown on a special microsite as well as other sites that are a part of Vidshadow's network -- which is pretty big (16,200 sites). The company's CEO, Jordan Hudgens, hopes that millions of people will view the clips, which will aid in securing a distributor for the film. The young CEO (23) says: "We think what we are starting here will be the norm in a couple of years, and we are happy that Sam (Harper, the writer/director) gets it. Right now, we're building audience anticipation for the wide release of this film." Not only that, but he wants to hand over "pure cash" to the movie by "working on some product-placement deals inside quite a few scenes in the movie."

Filmmakers from Vidshadow, as well as a couple finalists from On the Lot will shoot the opening sequence of the comedy, where one of the characters is watching a vid on the site, as well as a viral video sequence. Helping out new filmmakers and independent film is all well and good, but where on earth will the line be drawn? One of these days, we're going to have advertising on our alarm clocks: "Rise and shine! ...this alert is brought to you by..."

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