Man, the Museum of Natural History in New York City is getting a lot of play lately. And it should -- it's a fantastic place to hang out for a couple hours. Not only was it predominantly featured in last winter'sNight at the Museum, but Variety tells us that Warner Bros. just acquired a pitch that utilizes the landmark as its setting. Written by Michael Colton (not Bolton) and John Aboud, For Richer or Poorer will be a comedy that revolves around a female thief who partners with her ex-boyfriend to stage a fake wedding at the museum. (I didn't even know you could get married there, but I didn't know you could get married on a rollercoaster at Great Adventure either.) Can you guess why it's a fake wedding? Yup, the two, instead, plan to use their nuptials as a front in an attempt to knock off ... dinosaur bones?

Actually, I'm not sure what they plan to steal (probably some sort of rare stone, or something similar), but that's the premise. Colton and Aboud are hot right now; apart from For Richer or Poorer, they also set up their script Mild Things (about a couple who party like it's 1999 prior to having their first child) over at New Line, as well as Over My Dead Body and Nick Skyler for Montecito Pictures. There's also an animated comedy in there called Baratunde of Brentwood for Principato-Young (who are also set to produce For Richer or Poorer and Mild Things) and 20th Television. Hmm, I wonder if the girl and her ex-boyfriend will wind up together in the end? No casting or director assigned yet, but Warners beat out two other studios with their bid, and so I assume they'll want to get the ball rolling shortly.

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