We hardly need another frat comedy when we can just re-watch Animal House, Old Schooland Revenge of the Nerdsover and over again. But if Hollywood can still come up with new ideas for the subgenre, it can still find an audience of college students who are ready to hit the bong and then hit the multiplex. Warner Independent Pictures may have found a fresh idea for the fratcom in Scott Rothman's spec script Fratboy, which is about a guy raised in a fraternity house since birth. A twist on the Tarzan story perhaps, the movie focuses on the guy's entry into non-frat life when he goes to live with his birth mother. The joke is that she lives a chic lifestyle and he's a wild child. According to Variety, he ends up wreaking havoc on her home furnishings company. Sounds a bit like Elf, but then again it sounds like a whole lot of movies. Still, it doesn't really sound like any other frat comedies, does it?

Obviously the current vogue of man-child comedies is not dead, and this could certainly be a vehicle for any number of actors out there -- Will Ferrell, Owen Wilson, Adam Sandler, Steve Carell, you name it. The beauty of it is, the older the actor, the funnier the concept (theoretically). I guess it could make sense for a young star, but I'm not sure of anyone who's proven himself enough yet. It's too bad that Chris Farley is no longer with us. I just got a mental image of him crashing through his dainty mother's glass coffee table. Fratboy will be produced by Mike Karz (Malibu's Most Wanted), Josie Rosen (Just Married) and Josh Weinstock, all of Karz Entertainment, a company furthering its stupid comedy output next month with Good Luck Chuck. Karz isn't all raunch and rowdy, though, as he's also bringing us Paul Haggis' next project, Honeymoon with Harry.
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