Personally, I'm not too into most country movies unless they're from the '80s and star Dolly Parton. I'm not sure exactly why, but she just makes the crooning country music palatable. But this film isn't about her. There's an indie flick in the works from writer/director Ryan Craig called Small Town Saturday Night. Sound familiar? It's that ol' Hal Ketchum song -- "We're gonna howl at the moon, shoot out the light -- It's a small town Saturday night." The flick has got a classic song, and fittingly, a classic country story that comes to a head one summer Saturday night.

Chris Pine (Smokin' Aces) stars as Rhett Ryan, a country musician itching to follow his dream, but he also doesn't want to leave his woman, Samantha (Bre Blair, TV-stint actress and long ago, Stacey in The Baby-Sitters Club movie). She loves him, but questions whether he's the guy for her and her daughter. Meanwhile, Tommy (Shawn Christian, For Your Consideration) is a deputy trying to keep the peace while Donny (John Hawkes, Sol Star on Deadwood) is struggling and making Tommy's life difficult. Then there's also Les (Adam Hendershott, Butters on Veronica Mars), a kid wanting to fit in and be accepted by his big brother's friends, but his mom wants him to stand out. Their lives interconnect and come to a head during Rhett's final performance.

Will there be cheating and other dysfunction? Only time will tell. The Hollywood Reporter says that the "movie also will have a strong country feel to it," obviously, and Craig is going to make use of some Nashville relationships to get cameos from country music stars (as well as have a part in the film as Wade Jeffries). Workshopped at a Sundance conference, the film is currently shooting in California.
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