Before I start, I should probably come clean: I've never really been that big of fan of the work of David Cronenberg. Don't get me wrong, I respect what the man does, but his films just aren't my thing (with maybe one exception; A History of Violence). There are those famous pairings in movie history between directors and actors; Billy Wilder and Jack Lemmon, Scorcese and DeNiro, and I think Cronenberg and Viggo Mortensen could be another. So you can probably see why I'm curious to check out Mortensen and Cronenberg's latest film, Eastern Promises. It was just last month when Monika gave us the news of the trailer, and now has the first look at the poster (you can get a hi-res version if you are so inclined) and a new gallery of photos from the suspenseful drama.

Promises was written by Dirty Pretty Things scribe Steven Knight, who has just started work on Tony Scott's drama Emma's War. The story centers on a midwife (Naomi Watts), who "witnessed the death of a young girl in giving birth on Christmas Eve and decided to search for her family and identity. The search leads her into the core of dangers of the underground sex-trafficking business operated by the London's Russian crime community". Mortensen stars as Nikolai, a man with ties to the ruthless crime family. Mortensen has already started working on the WWII drama Good, before reuniting with History of Violence co-star Ed Harris in the Western Appaloosa. Promises is set to screen at the Toronto Film Festival this September, so keep an eye on our upcoming TIFF coverage for updates.