You'll have to wait until next May to see Disney's ballyhooed Prince Caspian, but the studio has a huge family film coming out in just a few months. That's Enchanted, starring the irrepressible Amy Adams as a fairy tale princess who's engaged to a prince (James Marsden) but banished to the remote aisle of modern-day Manhattan. There, amid the bagels and the bums, she falls for a divorce lawyer (Patrick Dempsey) who strangely is not out to rob her of possessions and her dignity. (By the way, do not, as I have admittedly done, confuse Enchanted with Ella Enchanted, a completely different movie. Get your head out of 2004!)

Sweet but with a snarky side -- there's a scene in which Adams serenades a room full of rats -- Enchanted could make Adams a household name at last, launching her beyond small roles in big movies (Talladega Nights) and starring roles in indies few people saw (Junebug). And it's Dempsey's first romantic comedy lead since ... Loverboy? (That can't be right. Someone correct me.) Marsden, on the other hand, looks to be reprising his "nice guys finish second" routine -- get that guy a new agent, already -- but I will say, Susan Sarandon as the evil queen is such an inspired bit of casting, I can't believe no one's ever thought of doing that before. Certainly she could be the wickedest Disney villainess since Glenn Close as Cruella de Vil. Check out her bad self in the exclusive poster below; Enchanted hits theaters Nov. 21.

Enchanted movie poster

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