If you missed the documentary Run Granny Run on the film fest circuit, you'll get another chance to see the film this fall. Varietyreports that HBO has picked up the film for TV distribution. HBO plans to promote a broadcast of Run Granny Run on Election Day, Nov. 6, following a premiere airing on Oct. 18. Election Day will be an appropriate time to watch a documentary about a 94-year-old activist who decides to run for U.S. Senate to crusade for her pet political issue, campaign reforms. Doris "Granny D" Haddock has been in the news for years, notably in 1999 when she walked across the country to bring awareness to campaign issues, although Run Granny Run focuses on her more recent campaign in New Hampshire.

Run Granny Run premiered at SXSW this year, where it won an audience award in the documentary category. The film was directed by Marlo Poras, who also directed the documentary Mai's America. If you're like me and you still don't have pay cable, a DVD is forthcoming. Art Alliance America bought the home video rights and will release the DVD under its "Morgan Spurlock Presents" label, which was created late last year. A DVD release date has not yet been announced. The Variety article notes that HBO plans a "big push" for the documentary, which I'm sure will involve lots of footage of and media interaction with Granny D, a very entertaining speaker.