Best Raunchy Comedies

It takes cojones to make an R-rated movie these days, when the proven money-makers are PG and PG-13 movies that can attract a wider audience and thus rake in the big bucks. Still, there is a great tradition of hard-R classics in Hollywood, dating back to the likes of Kentucky Fried Movie, Animal House and Vacation in the late '70s and early '80s, and continuing down through the ages. But while these flicks continued to be produced, they rarely took off at the box office. All that is changing now, thanks to the one-two money-making punch of Wedding Crashers and The 40-Year-Old Virgin in the summer of 2005. This summer has already seen one hard-R smash-hit in Knocked Up and will hopefully see another one in Superbad.

To salute those filmmakers and studios that still have the stones to make hard-R flicks, Moviefone has ranked the 25 Best Raunchy Comedies of all time, celebrating those R-rated movies that contain a cornucopia of cursing, drinking and gratuitous nudity and generally blow straight by the line between good taste and off-the-charts offensive. Check out the list, then hit us with your two cents: What do you think are the best raunchy R-rated comedies ever made?