We've been hearing a lot about Anna Faris' new project, in which she plays an ex-Playboy Bunny who moves into the lamest sorority house on campus and tries to transform a group of ducks into swans. I'm not sure if we've mentioned the title yet (because it went untitled through a ton of castingreports), but it's called House Bunny -- and it stars Faris, Dana Goodman, Emma Stone, Kat Dennings, Katharine McPhee (yes, Idol runner-up), Rumer Willis, Sarah Wright and Colin Hanks. Well Coming Soon managed to get a hold of some tasty images that show Faris dressed up in a pink bikini top with "boy shorts" (is that what they're called?) underneath.

She appears to be standing on top of a station wagon, holding a hose, with bubbles falling down. My favorite aspect of the pics is that there are these two guys in the background -- just staring at her -- as if to say, "What do you want from us -- this is our job." And I like how they both have sunglasses on so that no one can see them staring at her ... um, fanny. I imagine this is either some sort of dream sequence, or Anna's character is hosting one of those sorority-related car washes. Either way, these photos will most certainly show up in the dreams of lots of guys later on. For those just dying to get more Faris, the gal is currently appearing on HBO's Entourage as herself, although I'm not sure how many episodes she signed on to do. House Bunny is set to arrive in theaters sometime next year.

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