Years ago, RKO was one of the huge Hollywood studios. It isn't anymore, but as part of the company's revitalization, they're re-doing a lot of the company's library. Recently, a deal was made for a Body Snatcher remake, and now they're getting creepy again by modernizing the old Boris Karloff film, Isle of the Dead. They don't have a director on the project yet, but they have tapped screenwriters Brian Horiuchi and newcomer Matt Lazarus to pen the remake. According to The Hollywood Reporter, RKO CEO Ted Hartley says: "Val Lewton made his name by taking the horror genre to a new place. Brian and Matt have the same kind of genre-bending sensibilities that will give this classic tale the perfect blend of contemporary themes and timeless scares."

Well, I guess if you're making a remake, it's a big plus that the original is over 60 years old. It's a bit better than the remakes that come only 10-20 years after the first. Now, the original film from 1945 is about a Greek commander (Karloff) on an island where a terrible plague erupts. He quarantines the island, and the people on it succumb to the plague and die. However, some start to wonder if a vampire is the actual cause of the death. To make things more modern, RKO is going to move the setting over to a viral outbreak in Afghanistan. Personally, I'd really love to see them go a step further and have it be about the SARS craziness -- vamps preying mainly on sick and old people, not young, hot things. THAT is something we haven't seen before.
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