Unlike the title of his latest flick, Tarsem Singh'sThe Cell was pretty forgettable. I only saw it once (mayyybe twice), and all I remember is how unbelievably freaky Vincent D'Onofrio was. But the visual effects were pretty stunning, and Singh earned kudos from me in that respect. But then the guy disappeared for six years before returning with an indie flick, The Fall, back in 2006. Now, however, The Hollywood Reporter tells us Singh will once again step into studio world and direct a science fiction thriller for Warner Bros. called The Unforgettable. Based on the Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment video game The Condemned: Criminal Origins (which I haven't played), project will be produced by Basil Iwanyk, David Goyer and Jason Hall (who also helped create the game alongside Nathan Hendrickson).

At one point they were calling this Species X, but I imagine they didn't want people to associate it with the long-running (and now strictly DTV) franchise, Species. So now it's called The Unforgettable, and it centers on a cop who, during the course of a murder investigation, realizes he's not human. That kinda sucks. And from there, he becomes involved in a war between good and evil aliens. So much for throwing up some yellow tape, grabbing a box of donuts and calling it a night, huh? Kurt Sutter, who's currently doing some work on The Punisher re-do, and penned a bunch of Shield episodes, wrote the script.

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