Just the other night, I was drinking a beer, surfing the channels and IMing with our resident horror guy, Scott Weinberg. We were chatting about films like Alien and Brazil when I broke into the conversation with my happiness upon finding Hackers on television. I was greeted with "ugh, yer killin' me, dear sweet lord." I can't help it. I love the film. It's a welcome change to the normal high school-centric fare out there, and while they might wear ultra-strange get-ups, at least they aren't trying to hide behind glasses and ponytails to geek themselves up. And you know, you can't resist geek talk like: "RISC architecture is gonna change everything," and "Check this out guys -- this is insanely great! It's got a 28.8 BPS modem!"

LinuxHaxor.Net has put up a list of the Top 20 Movies about Computer Hacking and Geeks. While I know that I'm not standing on a super-solid pillar to say this next bit, there's bad, and then there's BAD. They've got The Net on the list -- definitely one of the worst movies I've ever seen, and I hated back when I wasn't too picky about movies. Sandra Bullock as some computer whiz? Yeah, no. Even if the science behind Hackers isn't secure, at least they've got some pre-sanity Angelina Jolie and catchy tunes. That being said, the list also includes some classics like Sneakers, War Gamesand TRON, as well as some realistic fare like Revolution OS, which tackles the whole Open Source explosion. And yes, we can't forget The Matrix films.

What geek and hacker films do you love?

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