A few months back Monika brought you some info on an international trailer for James Gray's crime thriller We Own the Night -- but now we've got a brand-new domestic trailer to check out ... and I'd say the flick looks pretty solid! (Maybe not all that startlingly original, but certainly something worth seeing.) Click here to check out the trailer at IGN Movies, and then take a second to wonder if Mark Wahlberg really likes playing a cop. (I'd say he does.)

Based on what I saw in the promotional clip, We Own the Night is about two brothers: one a decent cop (Wahlberg) and the other a nightclub owner (Joaquin Phoenix) who (unwisely) gets involved with some big-time Russian drug dealers. Cue conflict. Also on board are (the fantastic) Robert Duvall as the patriarch and (the rather attractive) Eva Mendes as the worried girlfriend.

You may remember James Gray from The Yards and Little Odessa, both of which are definitely worth a rental some night. The film played the Cannes Film Festival a few months back, prompting Variety's Todd McCarthy to write the following: "Adequately acted and flecked with the required quota of action to satisfy genre fans, pic recalls numerous good police dramas of the 1970s, but mostly in superficial ways that bring nothing new to the table." Our own James Rocchi had this to say: "May feel curiously at odds with itself, but that doesn't necessarily make it a bad movie; if Gray's movie excels at one thing, it's how it takes the title phrase and makes a boast into something like a curse."

Sony looks poised to release Night on October 12.