I know nothing about the very popular Hitman video games, but I know I was pretty psyched when I heard that Timothy Olyphant was going to star in the movie version -- mainly because (after Deadwood and The Girl Next Door) I think Tim's a dang solid actor ... even if he didn't have a whole lot to work with in Live Free or Die Hard. USA Today brings us a brand-new peek at Olyphant's cue-bald Hitman look, in addition to a few thoughts from the actor regarding how tough it is to please the loyal fans:

"I know people want you to be true to the game, but no one really wants to go pay for a movie to watch a video game ... And, look, it's a movie. You've got to have the girl in it. I just hope the fans feel I'm the character they're used to." Sounds fair enough to me, Tim. (Apparently the video game has no females in it? How very boring.)

Fox looks to have Hitman scheduled for an October 19 release. The game-to-movie adaptation comes from French filmmaker Xavier Gens (making his studio debut) and Swordfish screenwriter Skip Woods. For previous reports on this flick, check here, here and here.
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