I bet this is a project you didn't expect to hear anything about, what with Joss Whedon bailing, leaving everyone confused as to how they should properly tackle the sexy superhero. Well leave it up to some random source to kick-start those Wonder Women rumors once again -- this time it's Star Pulse, which claim that none other than Katie Holmes recently flew into Los Angeles for a secret meeting regarding a starring role in the big-screen WW flick. And she flew in -- get this -- without Tom Cruise! Yup, according to Star Pulse's top secret source (who may or may not be a clever writer looking to bring some attention to the website), Katie wanted to take on these meetings herself, without Tom. And she's looking for a project that will help "put her back in the public eye." Sweetheart, you're married to Tom Cruise -- trust me, the "public eye" ain't going nowhere.

The article really makes it seem as if it was a big deal for Holmes to go at this alone, without help from her superhero husband. As we all know, rumors have suggested that Tom wants to be in complete control of his wife's career, telling her which roles he wants her to take and which roles he wants her to decline. In fact, when Holmes dropped out of The Dark Knight, folks immediately speculated that Tom played a major factor in that decision. But here's what I don't get -- if she wants a role in a superhero movie to put her back in the public eye, why not sign on to do The Dark Knight, a superhero movie? And what, was Batman Begins not good enough for her? Personally, I'd rather see Holmes doing smaller stuff. I loved her in Pieces of April, and was hoping she would go on to do similar character-driven projects. And then she married Tom. And then she squeezed out a kid. And now she's .... reportedly discussing a starring role in the Wonder Woman movie? I don't get it. But I guess that's Hollywood for ya!

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