We already know that Michelle Monaghan is making a name for herself, having nabbed roles in big films like Mr. & Mrs. Smith, North Country and Mission: Impossible III, plus upcoming flicks such as Patrick Dempsey's Made of Honor. On the flip side, there's Mr. Nathan Fillion, who has found success in pizza places and space, but can't seem to break beyond them into the stardom he deserves. (If you agree, make sure to check out Scott's fan rant about Fillion failing to catch a break.) But now, I ask: could truckers give him his big break?

According to Variety, production has just started on the Plum Pictures film Trucker, a new independently-financed drama starring Monaghan, Fillion, Benjamin Bratt, Joey Lauren Adams and Jimmy Bennett. James Mottern, who wrote the script, will make his directorial debut with the movie. In a nice change of pace, the trucker is being played by Michelle herself, and her character leads "a careless life with no responsibility until she has to take in her estranged 11-year-old son (Bennett) after his father (Bratt) is hospitalized." The actress is so into this role that she not only signed on before they got financing, but she also became a licensed tractor-trailer driver. Either this is a meaty role, or she's been itching to entertain her inner trucker. There is no word who Fillion will play, but hopefully it will be something to give the man some long-deserved recognition.
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