Confession time: I'm a 30 year-old male and I own the complete series of My So-Called Life on DVD. No, my wife didn't buy it, it was given to me as a gift. So not only do I have it, but people close to me know how much I adored the series -- so much so that they would get it for me as a Christmas present. Yep, deep inside me lives a 14 year-old teenage girl, and I have no problem whatsoever with people knowing that about me. Now, on to that so-called feature film for My So-Called Life. As most of you probably know, My So-Called Life was a TV show that ran for one season on ABC before being canned. Since then re-runs have aired on a number of channels, including MTV, a book called My So-Called Life Goes On was written and Shout! Factory has plans to release a new 6-disc boxset at the end of October. So if there was ever a time to bring the series back to life in big-screen form, it would be now.

Well, MTV Movies Blog recently spoke to the show's star Claire Danes, and asked her what she thought of a My So-Called Life: The Movie. For those who watched the show, you'll remember that it ended on a massive cliffhanger. Since then, said cliffhanger has scarred my entire life -- to the point that it came up in a conversation (again!) just the other day. And that shot! The shot of Brian (Devon Gummersall) and Angela (Danes) staring at one another from across the street, with only the streetlamps guiding their way toward one another. Priceless. I'm getting chills as I write about it. So what did Danes have to say? Essentially, she put the kibosh on it almost immediately, and felt that there was a specific time and place for the show. And that time was 1994. Feel free to head on over to MTV to hear her complete thoughts, then come back and join me as a swallow back 13 years of heartache. Damn you Brian! Couldn't you have made a move during -- I dunno -- episode 7 or something!?

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