I forget just how much Rosario Dawson has done, and then I look at her movie list on IMDb. After getting into the acting biz with Larry Clark's Kids, she's done everything from crappy romcoms like Down to You, to indie flicks like Chelsea Walls to blockbusters like Sin City. She also, of course, co-starred on Clerks 2, and it's a good thing Kevin Smith got her when he did. Jessica Barnes posted recently that she wouldn't be in Zack and Miri Make a Porno because she's busy with Eagle Eye, D.J. Caruso's next thriller. But that's not all -- The Hollywood Reporter has posted that she's stepping into digital entertainment as more than just an actress.

She's going to produce and star in The Gemini Division, which will be a live-action, motion-capture animation sci-fi series, which will screen online. Along with this deal, she's also attached for a potential television series, feature film and games. The webisodes cover a group of astrological peacekeepers who spread the word of the stars to keep the world at peace. No, I'm just kidding. Gemini will actually be made into 100 3-minute episodes about a New York cop (Dawson) who is "investigating the bizarre murder of her husband and who uncovers a global conspiracy" that involves fake life forms who have assimilated with the public.

If this series becomes popular, and heads to television and film, I wonder how she'll continue to be involved. Along with the feature films she's been starring in, and this production, she's also looking to bring her comic book, Occult Crimes Taskforce, to the big screen with the Weinstein Co. I'm not sure how she does it all, but it's great to see her make a diverse career for herself.