If there's anyone I could see employing interesting independent filmmaking techniques, it would be John Sayles. And no, it's not only because I love the hell out of his films. He's been making indie films for almost 30 years, and along with partner Maggie Renzi, has always found a way to fund, make and distribute them. (Thank God!) His new movie Honeydripper, which will premiere at TIFF, takes place in Alabama and focuses on a man named Tyrone (Danny Glover) who aims to save his struggling joint with a performance by a famous musician called Guitar Sam. In the film, Tyrone has to get crafty when Sam goes AWOL, and now the film is getting creative with their distribution -- by getting help from university students.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Emerging Pictures founder Ira Deutchman and producer Will Packer are teaming with Clark Atlanta University to start a film marketing and distribution course for African-American college students across the country, including HBCU -- Historically Black Colleges and Universities. It will be organized by a prof, led by industry names and then aired on the Internet. The course will first focus on Honeydripper, before the film is released in New York and LA on December 28 (along with Atlanta and Chicago on January 18 and wide release the month after). Selected students will work with the film's distribution team to create and and put into action a grassroots marketing campaign. How cool is that?! Lucky buggers.

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