Although we're often swamped with myriads of remakes and the same old story done over and over and over, there is some hope for more diversity in cinema. Not only are international and ethnic filmmakers slowly becoming recognizable to mainstream, North American audiences, but film festivals are increasingly trying to promote alternative themes. At the beginning of the month, I alerted you to Venice Film Festival's new Queer Lion award, which will be awarded to movies with accurate portrayals of gay characters or themes. Now San Sebastian Film Festival is also coming up with a new prize, called the Another Look award, which comes on the heels of gender equality legislation that was introduced in March.

The award will be given to a film that focuses "on issues central to a woman's world; directed, acted or written by women." While it has to have a female focus, it can be directed by either a man or a woman. According to Variety: "the Another Look prize will consist of TVE's acquisition of broadcast rights for Spain," but there is no word on the value of this prize -- the pubcaster's pay has ranged from $80,000 to the impressive $1.3 million for Spanish films, and sometimes more. Now, the question will be what kinds of themes will end up getting the prize. Here's to hoping that they'll help foster the many roles women take on in the world, and not just the always-used motherhood, male-obsessed women and stripper films.
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