See, I didn't really expect this to become a quadri-weekly feature, but seeing as I wrote up some goofy little pieces on the Pirates 3 DVD, the Shrek 3 DVD, the Spidey 3 DVD, the Knocked Up DVD and, um, the Mr. Brooks DVD -- it seemed kind of unfair to not do it for the other big-time summer movies that we were soooooooooooooooooooo excited to see but have pretty much forgotten about by now. Which brings us to a sequel -slash- spin-off generator that ... I actually kinda liked!

No, I was not a big fan of the first Fantastic Four (although I would contend that the Extended Version is actually an improvement) but I had 89 minutes of light, youthful fun with Rise of the Silver Surfer. (And yes, I read the comic books as a kid, so save your venom.) I'm just saying that in a world filled with angsty bats, neurotic spiders and sensitive mutants, it's nice to have a "mindless" supehero flick that the 10-year-olds can get behind.

Anyway, FF2: ROTSS (talk about an unfortunate acronym) hits DVD by way of Fox on October 2. According to, the swollen set should include the following goodies: solo commentary with director Tim Story; filmmaker commentary with producer Avi Arad, screenwriter Don Payne, and editors William Hoy & Peter Elliot; deleted / extended scenes with optional commentary; a making-of documentary called Family Bonds; five production featurettes; numerous galleries, trailers and a comic book.

Call me easy to please, but that Silver Surfer guy is going to look realllllly slick on my TV. (Well, on my "good" TV, anyway.)
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