One of the most maddening things about film fests is that when the film selection announcements first start rolling out, you can hardly ever find anything about most of them. It's enough to drive a cinephile insane how few independent films have official websites up (or even enough info on their IMDb pages) by the time their fest inclusion is announced. I get that a lot of these filmmakers may be frantically in post getting their film ready for the fest, or working three jobs to pay off the credit card debt they amassed while making their films, but surely they have friends or relatives who could at least slap together a MySpace page or something.

I can wait for the professional, proofread-90-times production notes if I have to, but filmmakers, seriously! We want, nay, we need, info about your films. There are tons of films in a fest the size of TIFF, and only so many films our crew can see before their eyeballs explode. If your film isn't being repped by one of the big agencies who will pimp your film night and day until we get our butts to a screening, you need to give us enough about your film to make it rise above the fray to get us to see it. If you're a filmmaker and you have a film in TIFF, and you have an official site that's not listed on IMDb (and if it's not, list it), or you have production notes, anything, really, that will tell me why I should make sure someone on our team sees your film, email me at kim(at)cinematical(dot)com. In the meantime, I've poked around and rounded up what info I could find on the bevy of international films announced for the TIFF slate on Wednesday.