No ladies, these aren't more shots of Daniel Craig emerging from the ocean in a pair of tighty-whities, but commanderbond does have the first photos of Craig on the set of Bond 22: Bond Harder. Filming took place yesterday at the Palio di Siena horse race in the Tuscan town of Siena. The race is a bi-annual event that dates back to the 11th century and is notoriously dangerous. Over 50 horses have been killed and many more injured there since 1970. Eleonora di Giuseppe of the Italian Federation of Equestrian Sport says that "horses [in the Palio] are exposed to unacceptable risks," and that putting the race in a Bond film would only glamorize the event. When asked if he felt exploited, a nearby horse shrugged and answered "Nay."

The makers of Bond 22 have been ordered not to show any violence "involving either people or animals" that takes place during the race. So filming took place yesterday but the scenes with the actors will be filmed separately and inserted at a later date. How does the race factor into the film? Well, Commanderbond is calling this a spoiler, so heads up. If you like to go into movies completely fresh, you might want to consider not reading on. (You can occupy yourself by reading and re-reading my other posts, and marveling at their grace, texture, and wit). The horse race sequence will likely be the climax of the film and "is said to see 007 pursuing the film's villain down narrow cobbled streets, then across the town's rooftops and through its medieval aqueducts as the horses charge around the Piazza del Campo. The town's bottini, a tangled network of underground tunnels, will reportedly also play a role in the film." Cool! Bond 22: The Legend of Curly's Gold will be in theaters November 7th of next year.

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