Inheritances. They could mean a good chunk of change, or a musty furniture set that would be better-served as firewood. They're also a good way for slackers to live a modest life of ease. It's kind of like Ben Stone (Seth Rogen) in Knocked Up. His cash wasn't an inheritance, but it allowed him to not even think of working for a long time. Now The Hollywood Reporter has posted that Fox Atomic has picked up a new pitch for mid-six figures that kind of merges inheritances, Knocked Up and a much crappier father than the one played by Harold Ramis.

The pitch, Spending My Inheritance, is the brainchild of Nick Kurzon, who recently found success with another pitch -- On the Clock, which is about a guy looking for the right mother for his future baby. The new movie will focus on a 20-something slacker who has been living beyond his means, thinking he's got a sweet inheritance coming to him. Well, when he has to move home, he discovers that his previously-frugal pops has been spending the inheritance and making the most out of his life and his son's money. Scot Armstrong (who wrote flicks like Old School) and Ravi Nandan are producing.

Nandan says: "Nick is a writer we've wanted to work with for a long time. When he pitched us this idea, it seemed very timely and the perfect way to pair up a veteran comedy actor with an up-and-coming comedian." I imagine he is referring to picking the old man and his kid -- are they thinking something like Rogen, or someone from Apatow's pack, with someone like Ramis or Eugene Levy? Personally, I'm really hoping for Michael Cera with Martin Short. Yeah, Cera's a bit young, but I'd love to see them as father and son. Who would your dream father-son duo be for this project?
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