I used to love the tie-ins between amusement parks and movies. I had a very deep love for Back to the Future: The Ride, and I am sad that I can't be there for its final days, before the Simpsons take over the spot. This is probably why I'm not too excited that Disney's Hollywood Studios is looking to increase George Lucas' presence at the theme park. It's defeatist of me, but I don't want to fall for new media rides, just to have them disappear again. That's why you've gotta love board games and cards -- they last as long as you take care of them. Ok, wiping off my woe, let's get excited and to the news!

Jim Hill has a new blog post up, answering a fan question about his allusions to the park. As he says, the plan is to up Lucas's presence by creating a "'Lucas Land' that stretches from the Indiana Jones Adventure Outpost all the way to Tatooine Traders," which stems from a new 3D ride called Star Tours 2.0. There will be dining areas that reflect the films, both for Indie and the far reaches of space. Personally, I would love a Star Wars Lego theme park, but maybe I'm the only one. (Man, I love those games!) Hill says if this goes well, Disney will come on-board for the live-action television series that we've talked about -- and it could potentially air on ABC and ABC Family.

On the one hand, fans can rejoice in a new area to revel in their inner, or very outer, geek. But what about the show? Episodes I-III put a bit of a negative light on the series, so what would a television show do? Would it be a wonderful revitalization, or yet another thing to upset fans? And is Lucas Land enough to make up for it?

[via Hollywood Wiretap]

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