Guess who's back? That's right, Harold and Kumar are gearing up for another wild adventure -- except this time "they're running from the joint." The first teaser trailer for Harold and Kumar 2 (which, at one point, was called Harold and Kumar Go to Amsterdam) has arrived on YouTube (you know what that means -- catch it while you can), and based on what we see, it appears we're in store for a lot more of the same goofy humor that made the original Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle an instant cult classic.

Basically, Harold and Kumar attempt to get on a plane and go to Amsterdam, except some old lady freaks out and thinks Kumar's a terrorist. So, from there, they show us Rob Corddry behind a piece of interrogation glass cracking some joke about North Korea and Al Qaeda working together. Perhaps the greatest part of the entire teaser (and those fans of the original probably know where I'm heading with this) is the re-introduction of Neil Patrick Harris ... as himself. Yup, before the teaser cuts out, there's Harris -- behind the wheel of a car -- looking all coked up and out of his mind, as per usual. I wouldn't go touting this as a must-see comedy; I think the Harold and Kumar shtick is geared toward a particular audience (ahem, stoners), and I wouldn't expect any ground-breaking comedic moments. But the boys have their fans, and those fans will definitely be interested in seeing them up on the big screen one more time. Me? I'll be waiting for DVD ... for obvious reasons.