Julie Christie has been acting for over forty years, and that's not a movie here or there with lots of extracurricular space in-between. She has worked almost consistently since her start in A for Andromeda in 1961. Just a few years later, she won an Oscar for her role in Darling, as a model who climbs to the top by climbing in and out of beds. From there, God! -- Doctor Zhivago, Fahrenheit 451, McCabe & Mrs. Miller, Shampoo, Heaven Can Wait, Hamlet... Most recently, she wowed audiences as a woman suffering from Alzheimer's in Sarah Polley's Away From Her. Now she's getting another honor to add to her many wins.

indieWIRE has posted that the actress will receive the Independent by Nature Award at the Aspen Film Festival on September 29 (the fest runs from September 26-30). This is given to those "who embody individualism and creative risk-taking." The executive director of the fest, Laura Thielen, says: "We are honored to celebrate this exceptionally gifted actor." She's definitely made her own path, not following on the slim celebrity path that was laid out for her. One of my favorite quotes of hers: "All that concentrated adulation is terribly corroding." Great, eh? She doesn't have any other film work lined up, but maybe she can help some of the struggling celebs out there shape up.

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