Before we congratulate our winners for last week's Insert Caption contest for The Invasion, we'd like to send a special shout out to a couple runners up: Rich ("What's everybody looking at over there that's more important than my boobs?") and Brent ("I think something just invaded my butt."). The eighth grader inside of us really, really wanted to award y'all. You made us LOL, for real, and we don't LOL that often. We "haha" all the time, sure, but the true LOL is rare. Keep on playing, fellas. Now our top three from last week:

The Invasion1. "I wish Daniel Craig would change in his trailer instead of making us all look the other way."
-- Cesare G.

2. "The 'Thriller' battle with prison inmates gets serious."
-- Jonathan C

3. "Where did all these Scientologists come from? Tom!!!"
-- Erle D.

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This week we bring you a pic of Josh Hartnett and Samuel L. Jackson from the upcoming flick Resurrecting the Champ. Writers of our three favorite captions will win a signed poster and sweatshirt from the movie, plus a Yari Film Group DVD pack that includes The Painted Veil, The Illusionist and Haven. In other news, I'm off to Europe for the next couple weeks (where I plan to only take pictures that would yield side-splitting captions) but Insert Caption will continue with the help of my colleagues, who I've bribed with the promise of exotic magnets (and possibly even some paper clips). Till then...

Resurrecting the Champ

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