I reported this morning in my column about the Toronto International Film Festival that I thought James Spooner, director of newly announced TIFF addition White Lies, Black Sheep, was probably the same guy who directed Afropunk, a doc about black kids in the punk scene, which played TIFF in 2003. I received confirmation this afternoon from Spooner that he is indeed also the director of White Lies, Black Sheep, and he very kindly pointed me to the trailer above and to his MySpace page.

White Lies, according to the film's MySpace page, picks up where Afropunk left off, further exploring issues of race and racism through the story of Ajamu Talib (AJ), a black rocker who straightens his hair and hangs out on the predominantly white NY rock scene; AJ discovers that race is an issue -- in both deeper and more subtle ways -- than he realized. His friends see him as "black, but not really black," and AJ has to figure out just who he is and what his place is in this white world he's chosen as his community.

An official website for the film is forthcoming, and we'll bring you more info on White Lies, Black Sheep as we have it. From the trailer, I'd say it looks like an interesting addition to TIFFs Vanguard section. Any Afropunk fans out there who want to chime in with their thoughts on Spooner's newest film?