The music, the melody, the tunes if you will. Music is, of course, a vital part of cinema, and it is particularly significant to the trailers we're looking at today. It's all about the music here on Trailer Park.

Shine a Light
I'm sure you've heard of this band called The Rolling Stones, right? They're the ones who played the Super Bowl half-time show last year to the delight of older fans and the befuddlement of teenage viewers (at least that's how it was at the party I attended). Directed by Martin Scorsese, the film presents interviews with the band both new and historic, with the majority of the film detailing a 2006 performance at the Beacon Theater in New York City. Scorsese himself figures prominently in the trailer, so apparently at least part of the film is about the making of the film. I'm not a big fan of concert movies, although one of the few I did like was the Stones' Gimme Shelter, which covered a notorious 1969 performance at Altamont Speedway, so I'm mildly curious about Shine a Light.

Music Within
The music here is more of a metaphor, though the preview makes good use of lates 60s/early 70s pop tunes to set the period. Ron Livingston plays a gifted public speaker who, after the loss of his hearing in the Vietnam war, becomes a champion for the disabled and one of the primary activists behind the American's With Disabilities Act. Looks like an interesting little historical drama, and I've always liked Livingston, so this looks like one worth checking out.