Dramatic Prairie Dog -- The Movies

Can you remember what you did at your desk before the internet came along? Please don't say you did actual work, although I'm pretty sure that was the case. I remember reading a report somewhere that said the TV show MASH was responsible for dropping productivity in offices because it taught you that it's good to be friends with people you work with. What happened before then? Gladiator matches at lunch?

Anyhow, thanks to the birth of the best time-waster on earth (take that, television) we get viral videos galore. It's a shared cultural experience, and you'll be getting questions from your grandkids like "Grandpop, do you remember when you first saw 'The Star Wars Kid'?" They'll marvel as you recollect the tale. Of course by then the internets will probably be beamed directly into their brains, but I digress.

One of the latest viral videos (although at a month old, it's practically in the stone ages on 'the internets') is "The Dramatic Prairie Dog." At five seconds long, it's also one of the shortest videos ever to make the rounds. It's pretty simple video, but the real genius is in setting it to the dramatic music sting. As happens with these vids, people have started making their own remixes, and I've decided to round up the best of the bunch. They had to be short, they had to be good, and it helped if they were even more dramatic. Check after the break for your "Dramatic Prairie Dog Movie Tie-In Extravaganza." My favorite is the very last one.
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