If you thought Transformers looked awesome on the big screen, imagine how the giant robots will look on a giant IMAX screen. ComingSoon.net is reporting that Michael Bay's summer blockbuster will be released to IMAX theaters on September 21. With those special effects practically in your face, you might not even notice the difficulties that Cinematical reviewers encountered, like the acting that's "as stiff and inhuman as the robots" (James Rocchi) or the story that was "written poorly and edited together in a worse fashion" (Scott Weinberg).

The IMAX version will be different from the original theatrical release, however -- more footage is promised. No details are available yet, although it's easy to guess that the added scenes are likely to be flashy special effects that will look fabulous on IMAX, as opposed to more backstory or dialogue. After all, no one is going to rush to see Transformers at IMAX so they can hear the conversations more clearly. In July, Erik Davis told us about an interview with Mark Ryan, the voice of the Bumblebee robot, in which the actor mentioned DVD material of a prequel that would set up a potential second film. An IMAX version would be a great way to present that footage. As soon as we find out more about what's in this extended IMAX version, we'll keep you posted.