I'm not always a big fan of the bang-bang, action-packed sort of sci-fi flicks that seem to so permeate theaters these days, but give me a good, intelligent story with a unique premise and interesting characters and I'm there. The first few minutes in I was going to like Puzzlehead, but I ended up getting drawn into its story and liking it quite a lot. The film is set in some undefined, presumably post-Apocalyptic, typically depressing, futuristic reality (why is the future always so damn depressing in sci-fi?) where all science and technology resources have been redirected towards one common goal: repopulation. Other uses of technology are strictly verboten.

We're not really told the whys and wherefores of this in the voiceover intro, all we know is that Walter, the protagonist (or, more properly, one of the two protagonists) managed to squirrel away as much as he could before "they" could stop him, and he's now using said equipment to build an android version of himself - Puzzlehead, the narrator of the story. We also aren't told why exactly Walter would choose to name his super-sized Mini-Me a name like Puzzlehead, but we can suppose he had his reasons; at any rate, Puzzlehead's name, as we come to learn, is quite apt. Part of the process of Walter bringing Puzzlehead to life involves him electronically infusing the android with his own thoughts and memories, which is apparently a painful (assuming androids can feel pain, or at least electrical impulses they can translate as painful) and disconcerting process. Once the infusion is complete, Walter wakes up his wooden puppet and begins teaching him how to be a real boy.
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