Rose McGowan -- Barbarella?

JoBlo has the lowdown on Rose McGowan possibly filling the fur-bikini as Barbarella in the Robert Rodriguez-directed remake. No surprise there, since the two are a couple, and she definitely has the smoldering onscreen presence to bring the required sensuality to the role. McGowan stole scenes as Cherry Darling in Rodriguez's Planet Terror, and I wouldn't mind seeing her restored to two-legged glory as the erotic empress of the cosmos.

But is it true? Apparently JoBlo's inside source says that they've already filmed some test footage with McGowan, and that things are ready to roll. This should definitely squash the rumor that Kate Beckinsale was ready to step into the role, and was already called three months ago by our very own Monika Bartyzel, who should get a second job as a prognosticator.

While it seems like everyone from Sienna Miller to Lindsay Lohan has at one time been considered for this role, I wouldn't be surprised to see it go to Rodriguez's current girlfriend. Of course, if I was directing this, I'd star McGowan as the vampy Great Tyrant (previously played by Anita Pallenberg), and put Sienna Miller in the title role. But that's just me.
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