I've never lived in New Mexico, but every time I drive through the state I wonder why not. It's filed with beautiful vistas, plenty of open space and sunshine, not to mention plenty of financial incentives from the state government, which makes it an ideal filming location for a nice variety of pictures, as revealed by a look at the New Mexico Film Office site. That includes the upcoming road movie Five Dollars a Day, starring Christopher Walken as a conman and Alessandro Nivola as his son (Monika Bartyzel provided all the details). We've also heard about Appaloosa, a Western to be directed by and starring Ed Harris, along with Viggo Mortensen and Renee Zellweger (Patrick Walsh filled in all the blanks). The swing dancing feature Love N'Dancing, starring Amy Smart and Tom Malloy, is currently filming in Albuquerque (Christopher Campbell covered this one for us).

Another production gearing up to start filming in September is The Warboys, to be directed by Ron Daniels, a veteran stage director. The film is based on the debut 1993 play of the same name by Kentucky poet Naomi Wallace. The play is about "three young Texans [who] spend their nights patrolling the Mexican border to earn $10 bounty for every Mexican they catch crossing it. Every night they swap boasts and banter. But on this evening, they each enter confessional mode, seeking a repeat performance of the night before, and they reveal themselves as deeply damaged." The professional collaboration of Daniels and Wallace extends back at least to 1996, when Daniels directed the world premiere of one of Wallace's plays for the Royal Shakespeare Company. Gill Holland and John Hart are set to produce from a script by Wallace and Bruce McLeod. The premise is timely; I'm eager to see how the play will be translated for the screen.
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