You might remember our Scott Weinberg reviewing a documentary from SXSW called The King of Kong (which has since added onto the end: "A Fistful of Quarters"). He said it was "as compelling, colorful and entertaining as any of the 'human interest' documentaries of the past five years." The film, which opened in limited release this weekend, follows the quest of Steve Wiebe to get his record-breaking score on Donkey Kong recognized -- one that beats the long-established score of Billy Mitchell. There's lots of argument over the whole thing, which has continued beyond the making of the doc. Mitchell isn't happy with how he is portrayed, and four months after Wiebe beat his score, it seems he regained his title. But the kicker is that a fictional account is in the works, to be written by Michael Bacall, and the filmmakers got chatty with VH1 about who they'd like to star.

If you're wondering about what kind of movie this could be, director Seth Gordon described one scene they weren't able to catch on film, but could make it into the feature: "There was a moment recorded only on audio when Steve was approaching a record on his Donkey Kong machine in his garage. As he hopped barrels toward glory, his young son was yelling, 'Daddy, Daddy, wipe my butt,' and hitting dad with a broom. I think it will be pretty fun physical comedy."

And who do they want to play the gamers? Gordon says: "My first idea for Billy was Johnny Depp. Ed Norton I thought would be good. It's not really about the hair, it's about the eyes. It's got to be a real actor." For Wiebe, producer Ed Cunningham thinks Greg Kinnear would be good, while Gordon likes Nathan Fillion. With names like these, this could rock the pants off The Wizard! I imagine they'd have a good shot with Fillion -- he's still making his way so I imagine he'd be easier to sign, and considering the success of the doc and the possible co-stars, it would be an appealing project for an up-and-comer...not to mention the fact that I think he'd make a good gamer. I'd also love to see Depp in the role, but I wouldn't be surprised if he was too busy or uninterested. Who would you pick?

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