While filming Tom Cruise's WWII filmValkyrie in Berlin, one man was seriously injured and ten more suffered cuts and bruises when the side of a vehicle carrying the extras burst open as it drove around a corner, the BBC reports. (Either that was one sharp corner taken with speed, or some shoddy craftsmanship is going on over there.) The seriously injured extra has been taken to the hospital, and according to the BBC story, the truck is "now being inspected for technical defects as part of a police investigation." I would hope so. While accidents happen, I think extras who pile into the back of a truck expect the walls holding them in to be sturdy. The kicker in this report, for me: "Police said there were 'no findings to suggest anyone famous was involved.'" Oh, thank goodness. I was worried, just for a bit, that a celebrity might have been hurt!

This whole deal reminds me of that one scene in Overnight Delivery, where Tripps is taken hostage by Killer Beez, and the cops are deciding whether or not to shoot. "He's only an undergrad, sir," one says. It's a goofy line, but it made me smirk. Why? Because there is a ring of truth in it. Sure, it would be even more newsworthy had Cruise or co-star Kenneth Branagh been injured in this accident, but come on, give the unknowns a little respect. They might not be starring, but I'm sure the movie wouldn't be half as good if we never saw anyone but the stars. It would be an empty, post-apocalyptic World War Two. Hopefully the seriously injured extra will mend well and safely.
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