Our pals at the world's busiest Poltergeist fan site dropped us a line to remind us of the news: That Special Edition we've been wondering about for a few months finally has a release date. DVDActive.com helps fill in some of the blanks ... and let's just say those blanks are pretty disappointing.

Oh, it'll be great to enjoy Poltergeist in swanky widescreen with remastered 5.1 audio, absolutely. But um, for a DVD with the phrase "25th Anniversary Edition" on the cover, I'm afraid the extra features all sorts of underwhelming. Seems that the only extra will be a two-part documentary feature called "They Are Here: The Real World of Poltergeists Revealed," which I'm pretty sure is a barely-related "ghost hunters" piece. Oh, and the original theatrical trailer. Let's not forget that.

But what happened to the cast interview we heard about? Will we get no insights from Steven Spielberg, Tobe Hooper, Jerry Goldsmith, Frank Marshall, Michael Grais, Mark Victor, Richard Edlund, etc., etc.? Really?? Well that's really very disappointing. I'm guessing Warners had a bunch of goodies set up, but someone somewhere didn't want the material out there. But nope, no commentaries, no retrospective featurettes, nothing. If that angers you, do what us movie nerds do all the time: Sign a petition! The mysteriously skimpy "SE" hits shelves on October 9.
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