The international trailer for Woody Allen'sCassandra's Dream has arrived on a French website, complete with subtitles, and I have sort of a mixed reaction to it. It seems like a poor trailer for what might be a great movie. The clip doesn't really give us a clear understanding of exactly how the brothers, Colin Farrell and Ewan McGregor, get into deep money troubles -- some kind of gambling debts? -- but it does seem pretty clear that the film is going to have a body count in the same way Match Point had one, which can only be a good thing, considering how good that film was.

Also, after watching the trailer, I have a feeling that Colin Farrell might be the revelation here. These days it's almost hard to remember that he used to be considered a rising acting talent, with movies like Tigerland under his belt. Lately he's been known more for tabloid exploits and for Alexander, Phone Booth, Ask the Dust and assorted other bad choices, but somehow I think this part is going to give him some opportunities he might run with.

Tom Wilkinson also seems to have an interesting role in the film, but the real question mark is Hayley Atwell. Woody is clearly trying to launch her as a star with this movie, but who knows if he'll succeed. (What I've seen of her so far isn't terribly impressive.) Cassandra's Dream is premiering at the Venice Film Festival and then moving on to Toronto, where Woody will be on hand to hopefully dole out a few interviews and maybe give some new information about his next film, Midnight in Barcelona.