Former kung fu champion and hot action actor Jet Li is speaking out about China's censors on his official website's blog. He discusses how many of his films were banned by censors. For example: The Bodyguard from Beijing didn't make the grade because what was depicted in the film would never happen, Romeo Must Die was stopped because it contained gangsters and Kiss of the Dragon was canned because of a negative depiction of a Chinese police officer. Li argues: "Typically action films have good and bad characters. If gangsters aren't appropriate and police officers aren't appropriate, then what type of character can there be that wouldn't start an argument?" He says: "It leaves only the ancient Chinese stories to be produced." He makes many great points that I'm sure we all agree on, but I wonder if it will do anything to help the struggle of filmmakers in China.

If you've been following film over the years, you've undoubtedly heard about films that struggle there. Mission: Impossible IIIhad struggles due to rags and underwear that were hanging outside to dry. The King and the Clown was stopped because of "subtle gay themes." Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest was too violent and supernatural. Lost in Beijing recently had problems getting to Berlinale. Rush Hour 3 was stopped for the very vague "commercial reasons." And these are only some of the cases.

[via BBC News]
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