The last time we heard about Fox 2000's adaptation of Marley & Me, it had a script by Don Roos and was to be directed by Shawn Levy. Now Variety reports a new draft is being written by Scott Frank (Out of Sight) and the project will be helmed instead by The Devil Wears Prada'sDavid Frankel. The studio seems to have made the switch due to the looming actor strike, as it apparently wants to push the thing into production as quick as possible. According to the trade, Fox 2000 has also been struggling to get a cast together for the movie, which kinda shows in the unlikely pairing of Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston, who will be starring. The movie, based on John Grogan's 2005 memoir, is about a Labrador Retriever who turns out to be quite a handful for two newlyweds (presumably Wilson and Aniston) but who also wins the heart of many.

As we saw inWedding Crashers-- even if it is fictional -- Wilson and Vince Vaughn are compatible with very different types of women. So it is hard to imagine Wilson with Aniston, who fits appropriately with Vaughn on screen and off. But I guess everyone in the "Frat Pack", aka the man-boy circle of friends, needs to play against Aniston. Ben Stiller has done it. Paul Rudd has done it. Does John C. Reilly count now? Because he's done it. Now we just need to see her as the love interest for Will Ferrell, Steve Carell, Luke Wilson and Jack Black. Personally, I don't really care who Aniston acts opposite -- my main concern with Marley & Me is that the title keeps putting the Muppet Christmas Carol song "Marley and Marley" in my head -- and surely audiences will be too enamored of the dog playing Marley to be bothered with the chemistry between the actors. This year, Grogan's book was adapted into a children's picture book and a young reader's version, so no matter who else is cast, Fox 2000 should have a lot of success with whole families.
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